ICEEX (International Certificate of Educational Excellence)

ICEEX bases its principles, values and foundations on those established and defined by the most prestigious and important associations and international institutions.

The universal access to quality education one of its most fundamental pillars. Because of this, the instauration of a global and worldwide accepted definition of the concept quality education is of vital importance, as well as the design of a framework for quality analysis, bearing always in mind the variables regarding the teaching and learning process- students features, context, available materials and results.

Promotion of the worldwide improvement of the educational processes through research on education and educational evaluation thanks to its international composition.

The quality education is a key factor. In order to reach this goal “the education needs to demonstrate the quality of its programmes and diplomas is being taken seriously and it is committed to implement the ways and means to ensure and to prove that quality”. The development of quality education evaluation programmes is with no doubt the means which must be made available to all educational institutions.