Instructions for the obtention

The following sections indicate in a detailed way the complete process to obtain the Quality and ICEEX Excellence Educational Certification:

1. Contact us

Centres and Institutions can request the Quality and Educational Excellence Certificate directly to our official partner E-magister, contacting the following telephone number or email address

(34) 935 51 99 00

You can also request the Certificate using the contact form of our website. We will refer your request to our Official Partner E-Magister, who will contact you as promptly as possible.


3. Access keys

Once the fee payment is checked out, ICEEX will contact you by e-mail to provide you with the access keys to the certificate process, as well as simple instructions.

4. IDENTIFIED access

Insert the access keys in the appropriate section “ICEEX identified Access”.

5. evaluation / assessment

Complete all the sections of the evaluation/assessment in a continuous way. After a defined time, the system will close your form.


The certification process has finished. The date of the annual maintenance will be the same day of the positive communication from ICEEX to the assessed Educational Institution. This day will be as well the established date for the fulfilment of the corresponding payment of the certification annual maintenance.


ICEEX will provide all the documentation, certificates and distinctions described in the section “ICEEX instructions” to the certified centres and institutions. All the documents, included the documents provided by our Official Partner E-Magister will be sent by mail or email.