The International Commission of Educational Excellence accredits the Institutions which request it, by means of the International Certificate in Educational Excellence (ICEEX) after the fulfillment of a single audit system where items belonging to a complex structure designed by a Committee of Experts are studied.

The audit of the Institutions is analyzed and carried out in an individual way, taking into account all the markers which effectively determine the quality of education in the different areas which the Commission establishes as essential in the reliable implementation of the various types of teaching and learning systems.

The International Commission of Educational Excellence audits through an exhaustive study of the crucial elements of the management, training programmes, teachers, tutorials, evaluation and diplomas, determining aspects to achieve academic excellence through the quality assurance, on which the institutions will receive a report with the improvement suggestions which the commission may consider appropriate.

The International Certification of Educational Excellence is achieved through a continuous system of renovation and annual analysis, favouring thus from the Commission, the continuous improvement and optimization of the quality in the different educational institutions.

The Certification ICEEX is a worldwide standard due to its prestige, scientific nature, expertise commissioner with an unquestionable and deep command of all the existing parameters in the different educational processes, and whose main goal is the optimization of these in favour of the students’ training.