Accredited Institutions: Authorisations

Institutions that have obtained the International Certification of Educational Excellence are authorised to:

  • Present and display the International Certification of Educational Excellence on the institution’s website.
  • Exhibit ICEEX’s official logo/stamp obtained by the institution with the sequential number of the certificate. It can be shown on the institution’s homepage and on the web page of every programme, course or academic level the accredited institution offers.
  • Include links to ICEEX’s website in order to provide users with any information necessary to prove they have been accredited. They are also authorised to provide any further information they may deem appropriate.
  • Include ICEEX’s official logo on the degrees issued by the institution. It may be included on the certificate or as an annex attached to it.
  • Send the users of the accredited institution a document that guarantees the quality of the education received and the acquisition of pertinent skills.
  • Include ICEEX’s official logo together with the official logo of the institution on corporate e-mails.
  • Exhibit ICEEX’s official logo and the sequential number on a plaque in the headquarters of the accredited institution.
  • Display the areas that have been certified by ICEEX on the website of the institution.
  • Advertise the institution as an accredited institution by the International Commission of Educational Excellence.